First final

I chose classes that didn’t start until 10:30 this quarter for a reason…now I’m up at this ungodly hour to take my classics 210 final which starts at 8:30. I’m not really worried about it…at this point I’m so sick of that class and not pleased that I had to wake up so early. Two more to go after this…

I had an especially rough weekend. It’s hard to think about how my life used to be when I was surrounded with so many great people who loved me. Now no one really calls to see what I’m up to on a Friday, I don’t remember the last time I went to a party or saw a movie with someone other than Alex. I feel like I’ve lost my family. I’m just really lonely. I hope things will change after the move once I’m around more people my age. Or maybe I just need the sun to come out.

On that note I can’t wait to come home on Friday. I’m so excited about the next few weeks! Seeing my family and my friends, coming back to Seattle with my mom and aunt, decorating the new apartment. Awesome.