Losing it

I’ve lost 5.4 pounds so far! 2.6 more to go (at least). I’m just trying to shed this miserable winter padding I’ve apparently put on. And it hasn’t been so hard. I just record everything I eat in my nifty phone app and know how many calories I’m allowed for the day. I’m sure I should exercise more.

Oh we got the apartment!!! We sign the lease at noon today. I’m very very excited. Alex says he is too but I’m not sure. I hope so. It’s such a beautiful place. I really can’t wait for my mom to come and help decorate. IKEA trip!

Also daylight savings time is so fucking confusing. I woke up and half my clocks said 8:30 and the other half said 7:30 and I was way too drowsy to understand. Also what an awful week for this to happen when I’m already going to be waking up early every day and now it’s going to feel extra early.

Time for a very full day of studying and paper writing. This is the worst Sunday Funday ever.