The overnight train to Amsterdam was much more pleasant than we expected. We were alone in the car for most of the ride and got a decent night’s sleep…although you always wake up with “I’ve just been on a train all night” all over you and a shower is really the only cure.  We made the great mistake of staying at Lucky Lake Hostel, which is “right outside the city”, to try and save some money.  Amsterdam is expensive.  However, it would have been worth the extra 5-10 Euro a day to stay somewhere closer.  To get to Lucky Lake one must take a 20 minute train to the middle of nowhere and then wait on the hourly shuttle, heaven forbid you miss this shuttle because then you will be waiting under a dark bridge for an hour.  Once on the shuttle it is a 10 minute drive out to Lucky Lake which, oddly enough, is not on a lake.  When you arrive you will be shown to your oh-my-god-it’s-an-effing-oven-in-here trailer.  Hopefully you brought food with you because there isn’t any within any reasonable distance from the site.  On the plus side, if you did have food there is an outdoor kitchen available to use.  All this, combined with other issues, made Lucky Lake absolute hell.

So aside from the misfortune of our accommodations….
We took another free tour from Sandemans New Europe and loved it so much that we signed up for the Red Light District tour.  This was one of the best things we did on our trip.  Our guide was incredible and hilarious.  We did not solicit any hookers but we did see a wide variety of people doing so.  We got caught in the POURING rain one morning and for whatever reason couldn’t find a dry spot anywhere.  For the last night we had to get out of Lucky Lake and sprung for a place in the city.  Most exciting of all, the World Cup finals was on while we were there and the Netherlands were playing.  Although they lost it was MADNESS everywhere with so many fans and so so many people all over the place.  We stood on a window sill outside of a bar and peeked in over the heads of all the people inside to watch the game on TV.  I wanted Spain to win anyway but it really was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to be there.

Other than that…let’s just say we had a goodtime.