At last!

I’m checked in at JFK having a blue moon before my flight boards in and hour and a half. I could use about 3 more beers to get me sleepy enough to nap through the 8 hour trip but I’m assuming they each cost about a million dollars (airports…) so I’ll stick to just one. I’m very much looking forward to beer and wine sampling all over Europe. I’ve stocked up on a few snacks because airplane food is disgusting. They’re going to serve dinner and then breakfast. This will be very very confusing to me because my flight arrives at what will feel like 10:30 pm Seattle time but will really be 6:30 am Zurich time. Time zones are crazy. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I can’t wait to get to Rome where I have an apartment and I can unpack my things and not have to haul half my body weight around with me all the time. I miss Alex…this New York mishap would have been much more exciting if he were here. This post is kind of all over the place. I’ll update next from Switzerland!

Any time I fly my mom says this prayer:God, may you take this plane in your hand and set it down safely in Zurich. Amen