Athens Pt. Deux

I’m like a week behind every time I get a chance to update.  I hate it but we are constantly on the move and time and wifi are both hard to come by.

So some Saturday ago I took a bus from Delphi to meet Alex back in Athens.  The bus dropped me off god knows where and I finally found a cab to take me to our hostel but then the cab didn’t drop me off in the right place and my map was wrong and I could only text Alex, not call him for whatever reason and it was just not a great way to get started.  But he found me!  We got checked in and went to find lunch.  Alex had been hiking in Crete for the past few days and was completely sunburned.  After lunch we attempted to find a single pharmacy open to get Alex some pain reliever but there wasn’t an open one to be found, just 15 plus closed ones.  WTF Athens? We went back to the hostel afterwards so he could take a nap (he had just arrived on an overnight ferry that morning) and I took care of some trip business.  That night we walked around and ended up at a sports bar watching American lose and drinking with other Americans who were just as disappointed.  We hit the hay pretty soon after that.  

Sunday was crazy.  We saw everything there was to see in Athens in under 12 hours.  First we headed to the National Archaeological Museum for a few hours.  Afterwards we got KFC for lunch.  Ha.  I know I know but I’ve been away from the states for over 3 months now and I really needed some of the colonel’s seven spices.  And then….well after that we went to Starbucks…
From there we headed to Hadrian’s library, the Ancient Agora, the Roman Agora, the Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, and the Temple to Zeus.  Whew!  It was all amazing and beautiful and I especially loved the Acropolis Museum.
Alex’s sunburn only got worse though and I developed a cold and by the end of the day we were both a little miserable and exhausted.

Overall our second experience in Athens was much much better. Yet I’m glad we only spent two nights there…I prefer Ancient Athens to the modern city.