There is a reason I’m going to have my own travel show.  I fully intend to revolutionize the way people travel on a budget and their access to information.  In trying to plan my trip I have bought about 10 travel books, looked at what seems like a million travel websites, and have watched several television shows.  I have got conflicting information from just about everyone.  There is not one go-to resource for travel/accommodations/food etc for the budget minded traveler.  I am going to change that.  Our generation is INCREDIBLY visual so all these travel books are too time consuming and have too few pictures for us.  We love the internet but what are we supposed to do when there is TOO much information and no single resource that has everything we need without all the shit that we don’t?  I want a television show that will SHOW you what kind of food and what kind of places you can expect to stay in and what you can afford to see and what’s free and what’s cheap whenever you’re traveling with very little money.  I want a website that supplements this show in a thorough and uncomplicated way.  Everyone wants to travel.  No one has much money.  But I want to make it not only possible but EASY for people to travel.  And fun. I think not having much money and trying to travel makes people think that they can’t have a good time.  I am pretty sure it’s going to be even better.  Anyway I hope that on this journey I find out all the best ways to do things.  And then I hope that the travel channel let’s me show them what I’m made of.