Dear Sabrina

I don’t know if you read this but I think so.  I want to say thank you.  My first week abroad would have been a thousand times more difficult had I not had you as a friend during the transition.  Thank you for showing me your beautiful city and doing enough tourist things and enough normal things to make it the perfect trip.  I absolutely loved meeting your friends.  Although I felt like a stupid American when you made everyone speak English around me, not once did I feel like they thought I was a stupid American.  And your family!  I love your family so much and I think your siblings are the some of the cutest kids I have ever met.  I’m really glad that I’ve been walking a TON since I’ve been here considering you stuffed my face with delicious food the whole time.  Finally, thank you for finding me a train to get to Rome that didn’t cost a million dollars.  I love you very very much and I can’t wait for you and Mackenzie to come to Rome and drink with me again.  Thank you thank you thank you.