What a wonderful first day abroad.  I made my way on to the train and only had to ask a few people for help.  The train ride from Zurich to Innsbruck was absolutely beautiful and I am terribly disappointed that I fell asleep for some of it.  I kept thinking and dreaming about Hannibal crossing those Alps with his elephants. All that snow.  Poor elephants.  Sabrina’s friend Nadi met me at the train station and we walked to Sabrina’s apartment.  She wasn’t home but she had left a delicious lunch for me.  I got a hold of my family and waited for her to get back.  Once she arrived we rode a gondola type thing up to the top of a mountain overlooking Innsbruck.  It was BEAUTIFUL.  I’m sure this in an adjective I will be repeating throughout my posts about Europe.  I’ll have pictures soon.  We tried to go to the zoo but it was closed.  Stopped by the grocery store on the way back.  I love grocery stores.  Really I love any store where there are a lot of things to look at.  I love to look at things.  So we bought some stuff to make pizza and headed home to do so.  I took a nap, got dressed, and then sat around drinking with some of her friends who had stopped by.  After we were good and tipsy we headed to the club which was a blast.  I love to dance and Sabrina kept all the Austrian boys away from me.  We walked home and here I am updating after more talking and listening to music.  It was the perfect day and I can’t wait for a perfect weekend to follow.  

As a side note…I am terribly disappointed that the Huskies lost today and I feel personally responsible because it is likely that my presence in the state of Washington was their good luck charm.  Kidding.

Good night Austria.