Hello Roma!

Yesterday Sabrina and I went to Ambrass Castle.  It was phenomenal.  Lots of things were locked, which is always disappointing, but I loved it nonetheless.  I had such an incredible time in Austria. I miss Sabrina already.  All the pictures from Innsbruck are up on Facebook now.  I took a train from there to Bozen and arrived at 7:30, hung out in the train station until 9:15 and took an overnight train to Rome.  Mistake!  I didn’t get a sleeper car because I figured I sleep on planes just fine so no big deal, but trains are NOT planes.  Trains are loud and they stop very often and it gets hot.  I did not sleep.  I think it will be better when I have someone’s lap to lay in (ahem…get here soon Alex.)  But I really do love riding the train!  

I arrived in Rome around 6 this morning and found my way to the taxi.  It dropped me off outside of school, which wasn’t open until 9, so I grabbed an espresso and sat outside and read.  When the center was open I picked up my keys and made my way across the Tiber to my apartment.  The map and directions they gave me were terrible.  Once I finally got in the area, sweaty from the zillion pounds I was carrying, I spent about 20 minutes trying to open the front door to our building but my key wouldn’t work!  I called our landlord and he showed up looking very confused because it turns out I was not at the right place.  Damn.  So we walked like 30 feet to our actual building and my key worked just fine.  I was the first to arrive at the apartment and I claimed my space, unpacked and took a shower.  The weather is gorgeous.  I took a walk and stopped to buy a few things to make dinner and to use the internet at a cafe to call my mom.  Very unfortunately, our apartment doesn’t have internet.  Once I got back two of my roommates had arrived.  Danielle and I went over to the boy’s apartment and on the way picked up an Italian cell phone and a bottle of wine.  She slept the whole time while Kyle and I chit chatted.  There were some more errands and running around and cooking as well as seeing a lady stop to go pee in the plazza.  Gotta love Rome.  Now Dani and I are back at the cafe having some orange juice before we head to our new Italian home to watch a movie and tuck in for the evening.  Back to school tomorrow.  Ciao for now!

(p.s. I typed this post yesterday but they turned off the internet at the cafe)