Just what are you doing in Spain, Amanda?

I meant to write this before I left but the last few weeks have been insane. So here we are.

I am in Spain working as a researcher/writer for Rick Steves’ Guidebook company. I will be visiting thirteen different cities to check all the information in the Spain guidebook: hotels, sites, restaurants, etc. I am also always on the lookout for new and exciting places to add to the book. And I’m getting paid. Basically it’s my dream job.

So far I have been to Granada, Nerja, Gibraltar, Tarifa, Tangier in Morocco, and I am currently in Ronda. Next I’ll visit Arcos, Jerez, Sevilla, Cordoba, Pamplona, San Sebastian, Bilbao, and Saint Jean de Luz in France. I spend about 1-3 days in a city depending on its size, so I am crazy busy but I love it. In total, I’m working for four weeks and then I’ll be on vacation in Barcelona, Madrid, and Paris for two weeks.

I miss Alex and my friends and family (but my parents are coming to San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Paris!!!), however I do not not not not not not not want to go back to Seattle where it’s still raining every day.

Everything is perfect here.