I’m going to try and make this as correct as possible but it’s been a while.

Last Monday we took a ferry to the Greek island of Milos.  It’s quite small and incredibly beautiful.  We got in pretty late and walked up the main street for dinner.  The next morning we found a scooter and headed off to check out the beaches.  The first beach, Papafragas (pictured above), is set inside a gorge-like area that we had to climb down in to.  I’ll side note to say that the water in Greece is blue.  I don’t mean like it’s clear and therefore looks blue, it is blue blue blue water and I have never seen anything like it in my life.  It is stunning.  So we swam down at this little beach and were virtually alone.  The water was perfect.  The sun was shining.  After a while we headed to Sarakiniko, which looks like the moon.  We swam out to a rock and jumped off it into the ocean!  Outstanding.  I thought I was dying from the heat though so we headed back.  Alex went and got me a popsicle while I napped.  Woke up for dinner.  Watched some World Cup.  The next day we headed out to find a Roman theater built in to the hillside of the island.  We passed it and walked way too far in the heat.  There were lots of bees.  Backtracked and found it.  Didn’t have my camera.  We went back to cool off then headed to the less beautiful Provatas beach.  Came back, got ready, went to dinner.  More World Cup.  Thursday morning after returning the scoot I hopped on a ferry to Naxos.  Alex stayed a couple more days and then he went to Crete to hike and sweat and camp and do all sorts of boy stuff that I’m incapable of while I trek around ruins.