Off to the south of France!  The train ride was confusing but beautiful. We went by luxurious Cannes and Saint Tropez.  Loved it.  We arrived a little late and hadn’t figured out the public transportation so we ended up spending a fortune on a cab.  At that point I didn’t care so much, I was exhausted.  We checked in to our charming little hotel and then off to hit the town.  Everything was busy and there were street performers all over.  I had muscles in a white wine/lemon cream sauce.  They were magnificent!  We talked for a bit to the family sitting next to us whose kids were prettttty annoying and obviously spoiled.  But the parents were nice enough.  Got some fantastic gelato.  Walked by the water.  The next day we hit the beach!  The beach in Nice has no sand though, just big giant rocks.  We didn’t care, we just spread out some borrowed beach mats.  We spent almost all our time in Nice on the beach and even got to see some French kids get busted for pot.  Whoa.  Delicious food in Nice.  There was a cute little Beatles-themed coffee shop that we stopped at for bagels every day.  We found the tram on the last day and as we headed to the train station we realized there was much more to Nice than what we saw (the beach), but that was fine.  It was nice to relax and eat and relax and eat.