On getting fat

I am normally pretty concerned about my weight.  I don’t really exercise but I walk everywhere in Seattle and I try to watch what I eat (sometimes).  However, now that I am in Europe I have realized that I cannot care about what I weigh and I should definitely not step on a scale.  I refuse to deny myself foods and things that I may not have a chance to eat ever again.  Unfortunately these things are often FULL of carbs (pastries, pasta, gelato, etc…)  But this is once in a lifetime and if that means I have to hit the gym hardcore when I get back to the states then so be it.  I love food.  It might be what I am most looking forward to about traveling.  So as you look at my pictures and my face/tummy/thighs start looking a little bit rounder it is just because I am really enjoying myself.  No judging.

Yet I sincerely hope that all the walking and the 40 pound backpack will offset me stuffing my face constantly.