Peru Pt. 2

Day Three:
After an early morning breakfast I packed up the duffel that I’d be taking on the hike with me and we left to tour the Sacred Valley. We first drove up to the tip top of Cuzco for the first of many Kodak Moments as Javier called them.

Our second stop was overlooking the Sacred Valley.

And from there we stopped by the Planeterra Project, which was sponsored by our tour company and teaches women weaving and knitting techniques they can use to produce goods and support themselves and their families. All the textiles were so beautiful and I was really impressed to see how much work goes in to a piece.

After that we stopped at the ruins of Pisac and the Pisac market. The ruins were massive and really impressive and at the market I ate the most delicious cheese bread.

We also stopped to try some local chicha…a fermented corn beverage. It was interesting. And eventually we checked in to our hotel in Ollantaytambo and hiked up the ruins there.

I was constantly floored by how beautiful and green Peru is. Everything is so pleasant. The next morning was the first of our hike days! I’ll update soon.