Here we go…

We left Vienna some time in early July to head to Prague.  I was especially excited because the city had been recommended to me by quite a few people, and it didn’t disappoint.  Our hotel was unbelievable. Hands down the nicest place we stayed and somehow the cheapest as well.  I had found a grand opening special online and after sharing bathrooms and tiny twin beds with scratchy sheets this place was the Plaza. Flat screen, iPod dock, BATHTUB…heaven.


So once we drug ourselves out of that fabulous room we headed off to see the city.  Prague is gorgeous.  We took a Sandemans New Europe free tour of the city one morning and took a tour of the Prague Castle area the next day.  The main square in Prague had been set up for the World Cup and we watched the Netherlands beat Uruguay (I think) while drinking overpriced beer with about a million other people one evening.  We also visited the Museum of Communism one afternoon, which was incredibly interesting.  I must say that I never expected to actually learn as much history on this trip as I did.  It made it much more rewarding.  On the last day we were leaving on an overnight train to Amsterdam and decided to rush out to see the bone church in Kutna Hora.  The church is entirely decorated with the skeletons of between 40,000 and 70,000 people.  Creepy creepy creepy.  Also awesome.  

We hurried back to Prague to make one last attempt at finding goulash (we never did…one of our greatest adventure regrets) and then left our comfy squishy hotel and hopped the night train to the Netherlands.