The Great Flood

I woke up very early this morning to finish studying for my Latin midterm (which I just rocked by the way) and I heard a dripping noise very close-by which I just assumed was rain so I ignored it as I hit snooze 40-50 times.  Turns out, a pipe right underneath my bed had been leaking the entire night.  When I actually decided to get up, there was a giant pool of water completely covering the floor under my bed.  Today of all days….

Luckily I had put my computer, which I normally store on the floor under my bed, up on the table and the only thing that got wet was my backpack so no big deal.  Cleaned up the water, called the landlord, let my other roommates know the situation and made sure someone was there to empty the quickly filling bucket, and arrived at school with plenty of time to study.  My roommate just called to let me know that it is fixed.  Yay!  Lesson learned today: shit is going to happen and as long as I keep my cool and deal with it rationally and calmly it will always be just fine.  And it could have been much worse.