There has to be an easier way...

Traveling on a budget means that you will not fly direct anywhere.  I’m using miles which means that even if there was a direct flight they wouldn’t put me on it just to mess with me.  This is what it’s going to take to get me to Rome:

Leave Seattle 11:30 pm on 3/22
Arrive in Dallas at 5:05 am on 3/23
Leave Dallas at 6:40 am on 3/23
Arrive in Newark at 10:55 am on 3/23
Take shuttle from Newark to JFK
Leave JFK at 5:40 pm on 3/23
Arrive in Zurich at 6:30 am on 3/24

Train from Zurich to Innsbruck leaves at 8:40 and arrives at 12:06
My friend Sabrina will pick me up at the train station and I’m going to stay with her in Innsbruck until Sunday.

I leave Innsbruck on the 28th at 5:27 pm
I arrive in Bozen at 7:34 pm and change trains
My next train leaves at 9:15 pm
I arrive in Rome at 6:09 am

Whew!  At least I’m one of those people who really doesn’t mind the traveling part of traveling.  Sure, it would be nice to hop on a plane in Seattle and arrive in Rome within the same day but traveling on a budget is going to open up all sorts of adventures like this.  I leave for the airport in 6 hours.  AHHHH!  I have everything I need I just need to pack it.  I also (last minute) bought a Canon Rebel XS digital SLR camera.  I am so stoked on this because I would hate to be showing someone my pictures and say “oh the picture isn’t great…you really have to see it in real life.”  Hell no, not with this camera!  I’ll update along the very very long way.