The bus turned out to be our best (read: cheapest) option to get to Valencia from Madrid…but as we learned time and time again in Europe, cheap does not mean comfortable or pleasant.  In this case, it meant a 5 hour trip, 30 minutes into which the kid across the aisle puked all over himself and his seat and his mother causing the entire bus to smell like vomit for the remainder of the ride.  Not. Fun.  Thank god we had Harry Potter audio books to tide us over.

Valencia was lovely.  We spent a lot of time trying to find a theater playing Toy Story 3 in English…to no avail (until Barcelona).  Don’t hate on me for trying to find a littttle bit of home.  Nice hotel. Did laundry.  Mistakenly ate at a Cuban place with an inch of sugar in the bottom of their sangria.  We did take the bus out to the beach for the day and it was beautiful, as Spanish beaches are.  I bought a hat.  Saw a homeless guy try to steal a backpack…shut down.  

I wanted to see a bullfight but only recently realized that it is a horrific and bloody event, not just some guy running around with a red blanket.  Glad we missed it.

Overall, Valencia was a nice stopover and I’m glad we went but my little Spanish heart is in Barcelona.