I love Vienna.

+ Public Transportation
+ Food
+ Sites
+ Weather

We arrived Thursday afternoon and did the usual check in, get settled routine.  Then we headed down the main shopping street and found some delicious noodles on the way to the Hofburg Imperial Palace.  After checking out the grounds we settled down in the grass and listened to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on audiobook for a while.  That is, until we were eaten alive by mosquitos.  So we got out of there.  And got lost.  But I don’t mind being lost in foreign cities as long as I feel safe…and Vienna is quite safe.  
On Friday we explored the city center before stopping at the grocery store for picnic food.  We then spent most of the afternoon at the Danube River laying in the sun and listening to Harry Potter.  It was very relaxing and much-needed to be able to do nothing for an entire day.  In the evening we found a pub that was showing the Ghana/Uruguay game and had beer and fries for dinner…healthy I know.
Saturday we went to the zoo!  The zoo in Vienna is the oldest in the world.  I love zoos as well even though I am very conflicted about it.  The seals were very entertaining when they were fed.  The zoo is located at Schönbrunn Palace, the summer residence of the Hapsburgs.  We had intended to tour the palace after the zoo but ran out of time.  That evening we went to 7 Brau Brewery, which had been recommended to me by a friend, for beers and dinner.  Amazinggg.  Great food (I was hesitant considering my opinion of German food) and even better beer.  We watched Spain defeat Paraguay (yay!) and took a cab back to the hostel.
Sunday we headed back to the Palace for the 40-room tour.  The inside was gorgeous and I’m so disappointed that we were unable to take pictures.  I’m learning so much European history on this trip and I am thrilled.  The tour had a very entertaining audio guide.  Afterwards we hurried back in order to catch a train to Prague.  We missed two trains.  I can’t even remember how many metro trips we took in order to reach one train station and then another and then back to the first and it was just ridiculous.  Eventually we boarded a later train that expected but everything worked out okay!  I think we could have spent a couple more days in Vienna, but I’m sure I’ll think that about many cities considering how little time we have left so see so many places.