Winging it

We don’t really have a plan for Europe.  Once Alex arrives there is a tentative circle that we must follow to end up in London by August 5th but we are otherwise flying/train riding/walking by the seat of our pants.  This is both thrilling and tremendously frightening.
I am a planner.  
Every morning I wake up and I decide or know what I will do that day, in what order I will do it, and about how long it should take me.  But in Europe I’m going to try not to be like this.  Alex isn’t like this.  I want to cram the most amount of life into my trip and I feel that having any sort of schedule will throw off spontaneous opportunities.  I do not care about most major tourist locations but there are some I refuse to miss.  I haven’t scoured my guide books for anything really.  Honestly, every day I would like to find a local and ask, “where is the best place to eat?” and go there to enjoy.  I want to find markets and have lazy picnics.  I want to leave and feel like I know something intimate about a country…not just what I can find out on some bus tour.  
Which is why I am head over heels about living in Rome.  I am going to know a foreign city!  I will be required to walk for hours and hours just learning its topography. Maybe (hopefully) I’ll learn some Italian.  But best of all, I will have this as a transitionary period where things are mostly planned (classes, homework, etc) yet I will begin to learn the beauty of spontaneity.